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Missing Venezuelan pastor found murdered

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  1. Jennifer says:

    Thank you for this notice, it is written clearly and respectfully. I am praying for Reverend Coronado’s loved ones. May Jesus comfort them with His peace.

  2. Lori says:

    Lord, have mercy.
    Christ, have mercy.
    Lord, have mercy.

    God’s blessings and peace be upon Rev. Coronado’s family, friends, and congregation.

  3. Lota Yarber says:

    Very sad to hear this. God bless his family and his congregation.

  4. With his family, we, other Christians/ Lutherans, morn the loss of such a great warrior of faith. A sad and senseless act on the part of the devil’s henchmen. Vengeance belongs to the Lord – God is not mocked. We pray for the loved ones and his congregation to have strength and peace.

  5. Ralph Spooner says:

    Although I am not a member of a Lutherin church, it still saddened me greatly to read of the death of one of God’s chosen at the hands of thugs. The thugs can no more stop the spread of God’s Word than they can stop the sun from rising every morning and setting in the evening. As a Christian, I can and will pray for all the priest, pastors and missionaries in all of South America as they run into more and more opposition from govt. and guerilla forces.

  6. clancy says:

    So very sad, praying for his win and son!

  7. Randall Cecrle says:

    Prayers of comfort for the pastors family. God, those who murdered the pastor were created in your image. May the pastor’s church use the blood of Jesus to forgive them so they may bring the justice and love of Jesus to them that they be persuaded that He can save them from their sins.

  8. Pat Arias says:

    When is the killing going to stop? Very sad.

  9. Mark Oestmann says:

    Prayers for his family, congregation and friends…