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Movie review: ‘Toy Story 4’

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  1. Christine Howard says:

    I saw his leaving as a chance to build his own life, rather than continue living out of obligation. That isn’t to say I think we are free to abandon responsibilities or loyalty. I don’t. I also don’t believe that God would have us live under compulsion from others that does not stem from Him. Sometimes we put expectations on ourselves that don’t come from Him as well. We need to be reminded that the task we have undertaken (in this case, unending work to attempt to keep Bonnie happy, while she does not ask for it) is not for us. Woody was given an opportunity to start again in a different way. Others would continue to serve in the role he was leaving. He didn’t quit without handing off the reins (badge to Jesse), and there was already a leader in charge of the toys. How many times in our service to ministry at church don’t we keep trying to be in control and our time to be in charge is over? How many times do we act because “if we don’t, no one will?” This movie was a good lesson in that area. It’s okay to step away. It’s okay to try a new way to serve. After all, he wasn’t just thinking of himself in his new role. He helped toys find a kid, so they could get that chance that he had.