BNM business includes church worker recruitment, COVID-19, race

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  1. Bjorg Boschen says:

    I’m disappointed in the language in the Board for National Missions adopted October 2020 regarding race. “partners… identify prejudice and injustice wherever it occurs and work to correct it” is lame. You could have at least put “actively” identify. Put some teeth in it.
    I see that the board seems diverse but the action is much to little. I have read the statements from the LCMS Black ministers and they don’t seem pleased with the progress of black leaders in the hierarchy of the greater LCMS Church. Twenty years with little change.
    Please. Step up to the plate. Bjorg Boschen, Lutheran Church of the Resurrection LCMS, Waterville, Maine

    1. LCMS Church Information Center says:

      Thank you for your comment. It has been forwarded to our leadership.