COVID-19 and the church: A different phase and a different response

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  1. Tim Graff says:

    In Alberta, Canada, we have been through the voluntary closures which technically, the government never required, but which churches agreed to in order to “love the neighbour.” Now in phase one of the re-opening, “places of worship” are part of it and some of our congregations will begin worshipping on May 24 and in the weeks ahead. I mention this because often Canada, a far more secular country than the USA, is seen as far more restrictive in terms of religion. Praise be to God that our government in Alberta, although cautious, values the need for people to gather for worship even under the cloud of COVID-19.

  2. Rev. Dr. Robert M. Doak says:

    This article conveys the theologically sound stance of the church together with reasonable and well-argued redress of legitimate grievances on behalf of believers before their civil government(s). Especially noteworthy is the reference that Christ has walked through this cross before. Very well said.

  3. Roger Guetzkow says:

    Thank you President Harrison and District Presidents for your leadership during these difficult times. Thanks also to President Trump for his ongoing support of religious freedom and for identifying the need for prayer and churches as essential services in support of our country and citizenry. To God be the glory!

  4. Dan Riser says:

    Where has been the outrage over abortion being deemed essential? I can tell you that the abortion clinic I pray at hasn’t missed a chance to make blood money. How about the treatment of the elderly in care facilities? Why are assisted livings being made to take in virus patients? Rise up church…