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June/July ‘Witness’: Walking by faith during COVID-19

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  1. Marlene Clausen says:

    The balancing act regarding being obedient to those in authority and following God’s commands seems to be better applied when the government seeks to HARM the church, not protect its citizens. How many times have we been told, in response to an act of God or an act of violence or other crises, that our faith, love, church is in our hearts and not a physical building? Uniquely qualified to answer the call to find innovative and creative ways to reach members and non-members alike, the history of the LCMS with broadcast media is an opportunity to bring the Word to more people more frequently in more ways than a once-a-week service. There is also no reason to not get creative with parking lot communion and open air services in a meadow, seaside, or on a hill top. The things we need to keep in mind are government orders are not aimed specifically at churches, a vaccine which could be available by the end of the year (let us pray for that so more lives will not needlessly be lost), and we are incredibly creative when we are quiet and let God show us the path to take. Surely, that is walking in faith.

  2. Betty Thom says: