Obituary: Rev. Paul Timothy McCain, publisher and executive editor, Concordia Publishing House

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  1. The Lord be with the McCain family. Rev McCain is one of the most influential Lutherans of the past hundred years for his tireless work on behalf of the Lutheran Church. He was a staunch defender and confessor of the faith. His work at CPH will help teach and encourage Lutherans for at least the century to come should our Lord tarry.

    1. Jean Anna McCain says:

      Thank you, Rev. Scheer. His parish was the church at large and, for many years, the people working so diligently to maintain the integrity of God’s Work at CPH. I am thankful many recognized and benefited from his never wavering belief in the power of God’s Word, orthodox Lutheran doctrine, and the vital necessity of remaining faithful to both.

      God be with you in your ministry. Jean A. McCain, Paul’s mother.

  2. Rev. Richard Zeile says:

    Few people have been as effective in ministry to the entire Synod as Rev, Paul McCain. He has been instrumental in leading CPH into its present state of powerfully serving the Church’s mission, and he has encouraged Confessional integrity (and awareness!) throughout our fellowship. His departure is too soon from the human perspective, but his memory is blessed.

  3. Jean Anna McCain says:

    Thank you, Rev. Zeile, for your insightful remarks about Paul’s ministry to countless individuals and to the church at large through his dedication to maintaining the purity and power of God’s Word and its place as the source of our Lutheran Doctrine. He was truly God’s servant . I am thankful that God used Paul so well in His Kingdom work, and humbled by how effective he was in his ministry.

    God bless you as you continue to serve our Lord in your calling. Jean A. McCain, Paul’s mother