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April ‘Witness’: History of the LCMS

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  1. William E. Rech says:

    Why must we make a big deal of being LCMS? What about ELCA or WELS or LCA or ALC or any other “Lutheran” group? Don’t we all as true Christians believe that Jesus is the Son of God, and that the only way to eternal life is to accept that? That we are saved by faith alone, and not good works?
    At this time in our world, when more people are no longer worshiping, shouldn’t we be uniting together to proclaim the truth? We need to work together and with other Christians to get the Word to all people, especially to those who have heard it and now due to social media are turning away. There were no Lutherans, or Catholics or Episcopalians, or Baptists, or what eve some call themselves today during the time Jesus was here on earth. We, as Christians have to put some of our petty differences aside and work together to fix this world. Sooner would be better!