New evangelism module addresses witnessing to Jehovah’s Witnesses

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  1. Gerry Steinke says:

    I am thankful for these resources. Our people NEED this, and we need this so that we understand what we believe, in the first place. I am in Canada; I do not know if the same thing is happening across North America, but just before Holy Week, we had a JW visit at our door — a pair of well-groomed young men. I invited them to come to a proper Good Friday and Easter Service at our church. We must be prepared to give an answer for our faith in Jesus — even if it is just the most basic kind response. Thank you, LCMS, for seeing the need.

  2. Mark Demoreuille says:

    All the groups that have been mentioned are very resistant to the traditional Gospel message, of course that doesn’t mean that we should not try.