Rachel Bomberger

Managing Editor for The Lutheran Witness

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Rachel Bomberger is the former managing editor of The Lutheran Witness. She is a writer, editor, home educator and Navy chaplain’s wife. She is also cohost of “The Lutheran Ladies’ Lounge,” a new podcast for Lutheran women from KFUO Radio (kfuo.org).

April ‘Lutheran Witness’ looks to the cross

The Lent/Easter issue features a walk through St. Matthew’s account of the Passion and an in-depth examination of “apologetics under the cross.”

February ‘Witness’ asks, ‘Who is my neighbor?’

The issue explores how Lutherans show God’s love by working to meet the physical and spiritual needs of those around them.

January’s ‘Witness’: Magazine on a ‘Mission’

The Epiphany issue, “Light for All Nations,” examines a range of topics relating to missions and evangelism.

December ‘Lutheran Witness’ celebrates — and possibly ruins? — Christmas

Among other topics, the issue considers how Christians’ observance of Christmas may sometimes serve to distract rather than enrich their celebration of Christ’s birth.