June 21 youth webinar topic: dealing with lure of pornography

The free webinar, “Porn to Love: Ministering to Teens Dealing with the Lure of Pornography,” will be presented by DCE Grant Carey of Concordia University Texas.

Summit hopes to ‘set free’ Christians from porn

At the sold-out Set Free Global Summit April 4-7 in Greensboro, N.C., some 900 church and ministry leaders discuss what to do about pornography.

COP applies ‘Koinonia Project’ to church issues

The LCMS Council of Presidents divides into groups to work through such issues each time it meets, until April 2015.

Pressure Points (April 2014)

The Rev. Dr. Bruce Hartung discusses the use of Internet pornography by church workers and pastors who spend many hours on their computers.

Pressure Points (January 2014)

In this month’s “Pressure Points,” Dr. Bruce Hartung suggests ways to end an addiction to Internet pornography.