Board of Directors gets ready for new triennium

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  1. Craig Mathews says:

    What Mr. Carter says is true. Our theology is great. But in reality, people don’t come to our churches because of our theology. Blogger Ben Reed wrote a great piece on this titled – “Your Theology Doesn’t Matter. In the article, Reed does admit that theology does matter, but he also says this. “Your theology isn’t the reason that a visitor is going to stay. Or leave. At least not initially. You want to fulfill the Great Commission, but you won’t get people to hand around long enough to soak it in unless you give an eye to people’s ‘customer service’ experience. What does your church do to show people they love them week in and week out?” In the end he says this – “theology matters immensely. What you believe is of primary importance in the local church. And it drives what we do each and every week. But it doesn’t matter to people when they’re on the outside of faith, or when life has fallen apart. “Nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.’ – Theodore Roosevelt”

    Sadly, we have many churches who fail in the “customer service” area. For many, the local congregation has become a “social club” more than a life saving rescue station. We need to be better at instilling a love for “lost people”.