Coalition forms to set ‘action plans’ for church-worker wellness

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  1. Norman says:

    When will the LCEF initiate a program for debts incurred by all ministerial workers preparing for the ministry?

    We have lots of programs for the Pastor’s student debts, but we fail to recognize that the same level of Undergraduate student debt is accumulated by DCE, DCO, Music Ministry and Deconesses.

    Yet we pay them far less and expect just as much from them in our congregations.

    1. LCEF says:

      Thank you for sharing your concern for all LCMS ministers of religion. Lutheran Church Extension Fund is pleased to offer an alternative form of student loan debt repayment and pray that it will be a blessing.

      This program was recently launched and is in its pilot phase. As we continue with this initial period, we will diligently evaluate and intend to expand it to the larger audience (commissioned ministers) in the coming months. And in case you are unaware, LCEF also provides a debt consolidation loan program that is available to all LCMS rostered church workers. Go to for further information.

  2. Dcs. Margaret Anderson says:

    I am glad to see that there is an intentional program to support church workers. I have been in service now for 42 years (as teacher,musician, deaconess, and chaplain). I find myself out-of-work when our country’s economy is upside down, and the opportunities for work are slim, especially in healthcare. Funds I saved for years are dwindling in order to pay bills. Unemployment checks have been reduced 12.8% because of the sequester. My non-COBRA insurance pays little/none for my medical needs. I will be more than interested to see how church worker support will benefit me in this critical time in my life. Thank you for thinking about all of us!