Midwest Tornadoes: Destruction in Washington, Illinois

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  1. frustrated says:

    I realize that these people mean well but to see them clean the grass and cut down every tree instead of helping the people in need really saddens my heart. The neighborhood is very upset that all these people are cleaning the green area and not out helping the people in need. We have had to have other churches help remove members stuff because most of our members and these LCMS disaster people are only worried about the church and that it is clean. I am sure that Jesus would have been out helping the people in need instead of cleaning up his place of worship. Whoever the guy in charge is that thinks the cleaned up church is going to make people happy better sit back and look at the people of Washington and see what lending a helping hand really means.

  2. Frustrated says:

    Obviously they do not like negative comments on this website as they took down my post from yesterday. The Chuch and the Lutheran Charities need to know that the people of Washington do not care whether we have a clean church or a green lawn. Actually had the church actually spent time in the “war zone” they would have found out just how much the people hated the church. The LCMS charities people said that fixing the church was more important than helping the people. Well as a citizen of Washington I know who needed help. People are loading boxes with whats left of their house and we have 40 people raking the grass. These people only had a few days to get the stuff out. I leave you with this thought, would Jesus be helping the disaster victims or rebuilding his church if he was here during this event? It has definitely shown who in the church cares about the community and who does not. One last statement, we have all these LCMS people here and we have other churches helping our congregation members pack up and remove their belongings. I will continue to post this everyday until the story is removed or someone explains why this happened.

  3. Frustrated says:

    What are you afraid to post the truth? All my points can be verified. On top of that the church is feeding these people 3 meals a day with food especially donated for the people of Washington. The distaster response of this church will be its demise…………