BNM welcomes new members as its work continues

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  1. Matthew says:

    I was delighted to read this article because it responds to a couple of important things. I appreciate what President Harrison said about a language change. Perhaps it would be a good thing to partner with brothers and sisters in other countries to gain resources here for the diverse ethnic populations we have here. For example, in my community we have a 30% Korean population. So moving towards the Spanish language will not fit but rather have resources and a worship service in Korean would be a better approach.

    One concern I have is that it seems that the Synod misses a major demographic. This article says that the synod has three main demographics rural/small town, urban and college. These three are awesome. However, the Synod is missing the suburban community. The suburban community is distinct from the small town/rural in regards the characteristics and way of life. The suburban community is different from urban. We need to recognize it as a different demographic and challenge, and we need to begin to provide resources to support the struggling suburban church. I have experience with all three settings and can tell you that each demographic is significantly different.

    What steps can we take to encourage the suburban community. I would be happy to help the synod in this. The message of the Gospel is so important and churches in all demographics (urban, suburban, and small town/rural) needs to hear that Gospel.