Three LCMS missionaries in PNG face deportation threats

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  1. This would be devastating to our Synod’s work in PNG. Please pray that a door will be opened for the Lutzes and Horns to remain in their callings.

  2. Maxwell says:

    Deportation sure beats prison, if the laws aren’t going to protect the ‘accused’ they certainly aren’t going to protect the ‘convicted’ …leave while you can.

    There’s not enough information here to know if they had violated ‘their’ laws, as unjust as it may seem, some countries do have laws that American’s find outrageous …but they must be observed while there. Either way, they’re not in a good position to argue them, so leave ‘alive’.

  3. Cherri says:

    I pray that public exposure of the persecution that these missionaries are facing helps protect them and keeps them safe.

  4. Peggy Dankert says:

    Do you have an update? Are Julie, Anton, and Pastor Horn now out of PNG?

    1. LCMS Church Information Center says:

      Peggy, thank you for your post. The missionaries are still in place in PNG. We ask for your continued prayers with regard to this situation.