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Movie review: ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’

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  1. I’m hoping people will catch the Scriptural references and then ask questions that I can move in the direction of Jesus. (And I really liked the movie)

  2. James Beadle says:

    My wife and I saw this movie last weekend (5/9), and we both left the theater wishing we had spent the $20 on put put golf instead. I mean no disrespect to Pr. Geise in disagreeing with his assessment of the film as being a worthy investment of two hours of time, however I’m certain many will also disagree with his view.

    The character advancement in this film is so thin that it leaves a person wondering why the film was made. It tells story certainly, however the only real character advancement is the birth and death of Ultron and a love story tossed in between two unlikely characters. What the movie does give you is Robots, tons and tons of robots. Early in the film two of these robots nearly take out two of the heros in an intense fight scene, however after that they lose their impressive presence and just become hordes of metal men who fall like grass to the Avenger’s scythe. I loved the first film, but I found myself becoming bored and irritated with A2.

    The many scripture refrences, and the trite and mostly out of context way in which they were utilized was particuarly annoying. Reducing the word of God to one liners and shallow attempts at infusing deep meaning into the movie was overdone and eventually completely killed the show for us both.

    There was one redeeming line in the whole film that had to do with catholic bunnies that I thought was really funny. That one line was not worth $20.