Commentary: Selma — on the movie, the town, our college there

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  1. Dear Rev. Dr . Tilahun,

    I have read your accounts of Civil rights movement and special connections to the school which is led by you. I am glad you all also have Ethiopian roots which is easier for me to share about a group of Ethiopian Air Force Cadets who were present and witnessed the most difficult living conditions for people of color at the time. One of them was my own uncle who still lives in Debre Zeit. His is name is Tamrat Bikila (Brigadier General). They were only allowed to stay inside Air Force Academy. Today more than 50 years letter someone with Ethiopian roots is the President of school in that same State. What a change? I am so happy for you. May God bless you and your family!

    Abraham Habteyesus

  2. Rev. Dan Vines says:

    Rev. Mededo,

    Thank you for your message, your work and your ministry. It has reopened my eyes to the work that still needs to be done. As a teen during the 60’s I only remember bits and pieces, sound bites of Selma, but the scene of kneeling for prayer on the bridge that you described, did pop back into my mind. I pray that your museum will become a reality. We must never forget.

    Rev. Dan Vines
    Aberdeen, WA