Planners announce convention theme: ‘Upon This Rock’

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  1. Alan Turley says:

    Confessional but not Missional.
    The church continues to shrink.

    1. Marie Hanson says:

      I love the LCMS. I love our liturgy, Creeds, and hymns of praise. But what exactly, does “Confessional” mean?

      Isn’t this our “Confession of Faith”?

      Grace Alone~ Faith Alone~ Scriptures Alone~

      I found this quote from Martin Luther, on the internet: (is this a true quote below from Martin Luther?)

      “I only ask in all kindness that the man who wishes at this time to have my books will by no means let them be a hindrance to his own study of the Scriptures, but read them as I read the orders of the pope and the books of the sophists.” ― Martin Luther, Works of Martin Luther With Introductions and Notes

      “No, I’m not drunk or impulsive. I know what I am saying and understand fully what this will mean for me as I stand before the Lord Jesus Christ on the Last Day. No one should think that I am joking or rambling. I’m serious! By God’s grace, I know Satan very well. If Satan can turn God’s Word upside down and pervert the Scriptures, what will he do with my words — or the words of others?” ― Martin Luther

      Dear Jesus, in Your mercy continue to gather Your Church together in Your Word alone, with tender, loving care! Amen