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Movie review: ‘Risen’

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  1. Carolyn Blum says:

    I saw “Risen” with my Small Group at church. I liked it … it was a great mix of “fact” (from the Bible!) and “fiction” (the story of Clavius). The fictional part was certainly plausible, in my opinion. I think the film’s greatest strength is the potential for outreach it provides. Inviting non-churched friends to see it with you may open areas of dialogue and provide personalized witnessing opportunities.

    1. Amy says:

      I agree. We loved it. It would be great for people who aren’t sure about Christianity.
      We discussed afterwards in a bible setting. We also stated it is possible that this could have happened…isn’t believing always the answer.

  2. RLW says:

    I went with ten others to see Risen last night. I found it to be an excellent film. As the other poster mentioned, it is a mix of fact and fiction yet the perspective is fresh and very creative. Basically I viewed Clavius (Joseph Fiennes) as observer/investigator that, becomes the personified movie goer within the film. Mr. Fiennes does an excellent job of interpreting thought through his expression all while playing the tough tribune. I recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys acting and movies that are thought provoking. Most of all, it is all to do with the most important decision in a person’s life!

  3. Michael E Davies says:

    I believe this movie is to vindicate The Shroud of Turin which is a false symbol (John 20:5-7) that the catholic church holds it’s members in slavery. I did not nor do I attend in watching this movie, the trailer showed me enough.

  4. Michael Kasting says:

    I enjoyed the movie, albeit in a nearly deserted theater (my family and I were the only 4 people there!). I liked the stark visual settings and the music, and the palpable images of death that attended not only the crucifixion but Roman soldierly life. Appreciated this review by Ted Giese and largely agree with his observations. I’d recommend the film.

  5. Marie Hanson says:

    I enjoyed watching this movie “Risen”.

    This movie does remind me of The Robe. Both are fictional story based off of the True Messiah.

    The question is: do we follow Christ because He shows us miracles and gives us peace in a violent world?

    Or because He is the Messiah who came to “forgive” our sins, and bring us to His Father: redeemed?

  6. Amy says:

    I loved it. Truth based and some fiction. But I cannot say it never happened. Isn’t our belief to look at other ways things could have happened.
    It had all different emotions in it..
    Very interesting.

  7. jackie alexander says:

    I havenot seen this movie yet but I plan to see it very soon i’m sure that this movie has gone t video by now. I m also thinkging of asking my Pastor if w can see this in bible study to pull out the fact from fiction areas and have a discussion about this thanks for the review it was thought provoking.