LCMS recognizes relationships with six church bodies

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  1. Avatar Jessie says:

    I am disturbed by the churches move to recognize a relationship with LCN when just in April 2016 they announce their passing of service to perform same sex marriage.

    1. Avatar Pastor David Buck says:

      Jessie, to put your heart at rest, it’s the Church of Norway, not the Lutheran Church in Norway, that has approved of same-sex “marriage”.

  2. Avatar Wolfy says:

    Glory to God above for the new fellowship relationships. May I inquire as to the status of other more domestic relationships?

  3. Avatar Lisa Clark says:

    You listed the new churches in fellowship as being from Europe, Asia, Central America and South America , but you forgot to mention Africa. Liberia is in Africa.

  4. Avatar Joe Isenhower says:

    The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod’s 2013 convention (not the 2016 convention) affirmed fellowship with the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Liberia.

  5. Avatar Jaroslaw Durdello says:

    I grew up in Evagelical Church of Augsburg Confession in Poland,
    like and attend LCMS congregation at St. Louis, Missouri. Seems to me, the two have some measure of relations, yet the Polish side
    is not a member of ILC. I’m trying to find an explanation, but so far
    my efforts proved fruitless. Could someone grant me a “lead”?