Rubke led Concordia University Texas in 1960s

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  1. Milton Rudnick says:

    As a vicar instructor at California Concordia College in 1946 Mr. Walter Rubke was asked to become the advisor to a missionary society proposed by several students whose interest in this was sparked by a comment of Prof. Scaer in a chapel talk. His response seemed as unrealistic as it was positive.

    He said that he was very interested in missions and evangelism and would be more than willing to serve as the advisor, but only if were very serious about this. There would be no fun and games, only instruction about how others have have been introduced to Jesus and practice in doing this ourselves.

    When the first meeting was announced we expected few to show up, but the room was packed. We were enthralled by his lectures on the history of missions and challenged by his demonstrations on how to witness. On weekends we would canvass communities seeking prospective members for existing as well was proposed congregations. At least two congregations were established with help from the Mission Society. It became one of the most vibrant student groups at Concordia with as as many as 70 members.

    Walt’s impact on my heart and life through the Mission Society was both profound and lasting at the professional level as well as the personal. In urban pastoral ministries, in higher education as professor and seminary president, as missionary professor in Russia, as an author, formally and informally, what was planted and nurtured by Walt grew and bore fruit of eternal significance.