KFUO Audio: Attorney discusses case of florist sued for marriage beliefs

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  1. Mike Fogarty says:

    So the stories told by our pastor about how wrong it was for Mormon owned gas stations to refuse gas for Lutheran vans doing out reach is wrong?

    We live in the area where the wedding cake was the issue much like here. Making the cake or flower arrangement is not part of the action just like the gas was not.

    The difference comes when you are ask to act as a part of the event. Making of a product is not acting as a part of the event.

    As a city employee we helped many churches and organizations there is a balance of not becoming part of the actual event making a cake or providing flowers is not becoming a active part of the event.

    One would also like to know if they ask all customers what sins their product might be used for and refuse them.

    The LCMS seems to want to be more political and less serving. The grants that were requested were great and many were left unfulfilled but an office in Washington was funded?

    How did the 9-0 supreme court decision by the LCMS follow the bible? Telling an injured or way word son your not welcome back for lack of funds is biblical?

    Just seems the top management needs to rethink their positions. We are not growing because we are not even keeping our young people. More babies is a thoughtless response.

    1. LCMS Church Information Center says:

      Thank you for your comment. You may find it helpful to speak with your pastor so he can explain the Synod’s biblical position and convention resolutions in these matters.