KFUO Audio: Supreme Court hears ‘playground case’ of Trinity Lutheran of Columbia v. Comer

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  1. Celeste Lewis says:

    I am very leery of our Lutheran Schools accepting money in any form (milk money, playground equipment, etc.) from the State or Federal level. Our church in San Fernando, First Lutheran, had a big school. We did not accept any money from either the state government or federal government. We were offered “milk” money and other things. The reason why we did not accept was because once you “accept” something “free” from the government; then they can hold some control over you. Once the foot is in the door; it is hard to close it. We did just fine without their money!

  2. Tina says:

    Would you also advise against accepting Social Security or Medicare? Would you disallow the local Fire Department from responding to a fire in the church or home of Lutherans? Police? Roads? These are all government programs. I do agree that churches, schools,Christians and all citizens should be aware of “strings attached” to any help, –
    government or otherwise. The freedom of thought, expression and religious belief that we cherish in the US cannot be a criteria for general services available for everyone. Alliance Defending Freedom is defending Trinity Lutheran Preschool. The LCMS or Trinity Lutheran is not paying for their own defense. I would encourage all Lutherans to contribute voluntarily to this wonderful group of defense lawyers and their associates!! ps. the new president of ADF, Michael Farris, is the co-founder of Article V – Convention of States. I would urge you to research and hopefully support this effort, also. God’s blessings, Tina