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Movie review: ‘The Case for Christ’

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  1. Joe says:

    My review: AWESOME movie!

    Brought our high school group to this movie. After the film, I could see the smile on their faces and the gears in the head turn. I did not notice any ‘flaws’ on first viewing. This film stands out as a great encouragement for Christians.

    A few more things to add to what I loved about the film:
    1) It is real life. It shows all types of people as ordinary and doesn’t make the non-christian out to be stupid, or the Christian out to be a non-believable character.

    2) It illustrates how God can work in the lives of ordinary people and how the Holy Spirit speaks through others and provides peace.

    3) There are multiple story lines emphasizing great lessons: faith of troubled wife, mentoring and blessing of nurse, firm and direct challenge of christian co-worker, and God works through the Church at large and people of all vocations (not just lutherans and pastors), oh and how Lee missed what he wasn’t looking for in the shooting case… (explained better in the movie)

    4) When he found the treasure in the field, he sold all he had to get it. After he saw the evidence for Christ and turned to Him – he obviously pursued the Father of light. Becoming a Pastor and guide to many through writing.

    I really think the other aim for this movie is to get the actual BOOK ‘Case for Christ’ into the hands of the movie goer. The youth are now totally on board to study the book together – and now we will have the ability to discuss in depth the evidence and credibility of the Bible and the Resurrection. Praise God for an awesome segue into Apologetics!

    Praise God for His transformation power!

  2. Lynne H says:

    I saw Case for Christ with my women’s Bible class. I had already read the book and noted that of course the film could not include every chapter of the book. I did not know that the film strayed from Lee’s life. Too bad, why put a stumbling block for non-believers? My group saw The Shack several weeks ago. I thought it was interesting that the Father was an African American woman, and then an Asian American man. Some time ago a different group from my congregation saw God is Dead 2. I thought that one was terrible. Bad treatment of non-believers, over the top goodness of believers, and putting up a straw-man for the high school situation. School districts have policies for the situation, and that was so inaccurate. Case for Christ was definitely the best of the three. I’m encouraging my group to read the book. I also encourage the group to get studies from CPH, but we usually end up with something from a “decision”, non-confessional, non-sacramental publishing house. I end up being the one to point out the differences between the study and Lutheran confession.

  3. Russell Egeler says:

    The Case For Christ is a high quality movie that should be viewed by more people. Pure Flix (the company that made this movie) is building a strong reputation for quality Christian movies. God’s Not Dead I and II were great and I am eager to see God’s Not dead III.

  4. katy says:

    I read the book years ago. The movie sounds like an interesting one but I definitely would take note of the decision theology, it is so prevalent these days in so many circles. I work at a funeral home and the sermons that are Lutheran are so hugely comforting. I was recording a funeral recently that was not Lutheran, there was a lot of decision theology in it and the poor family had a pastor, who was a really nice guy, but left the gospel out of the funeral sermon. It was very sad to me. I thank God for the 200 proof Gospel of Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection for me. That kind of preaching is becoming a rare treasure.