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Hawaii volcano continues to erupt and disrupt lives

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  1. Rev (em) Philip W Zabell, CNH DDRC says:

    Not sure where this post went, but I sent a comment concerning the article released yesterday (7/17). The post included a map showing the geographical space between the location of the congregation and where the lava flow is occurring. The post contained the following text:

    “From CNH DDRC, Rev (em) Philip W Zabell: To give clarification to the photo included in the Reporter article — The photo showing Marilee Wallace with the lava flow states she is in Hilo. The composite map I prepared [my post included a photo of what is hereafter described] from USGS and Google maps shows how far the flow area is from the congregation location. Continue to keep Pastor Zier, the congregation and the people affected by the flow in your prayers.”

    BTW, I received a post this AM (7/18, 1:28AM HST) that another of the ongoing collapses of Halemaumau Crater has occurred. Halemaumau is the central caldera of the Kilauea Vocano. These are typically generating seismic pulses of 5.2 to 5.4 felt primarily near the caldera itself and specifically in the town of Volcano. This specific collapse also generated an increase in the lava flow into Leilani Estates which resulted in additional properties destroyed (no numbers given). Halemaumau is about 22 miles upslope from Fissure 8 which is the crack from which the lava is flowing to cause the destruction/creation which is taking place.

    1. LCMS Church Information Center says:

      Thank you for your comment. We will update the caption and keep monitoring the situation with Rev. Zier and include it in the article in the upcoming Reporter.