CTCR releases new report on confession and absolution

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  1. Mick McClain says:

    My wife and I attended the 2017 “The Just Live By Faith” week at Concordia River Forest, and at one of the services during that week, Absolution was offered an incorporated into the service. We both felt very strongly that this is something the church needs to return to! It was an incredible experience to have been literally connected to God’s forgiveness in a very real way, and the sense of connectedness was undeniable! Tangible forgiveness of our sins is the hallmark of our Lord Jesus Christ, and when surveys were gathered a question was included asking if we felt this should be included next time as well. As I understand it, the response from all the attendees was an overwhelming YES! The LCMS is to be commended for her steadfast refusal to be swayed by political correctness and the wisdom of man which is foolishness and rebellious to to our Creator!. Never in my life was I more proud to have been born and raised in the LCMS! May God continue to richly bless her and her leaders to His Glory here on earth until that day we all are united in Our Fathers mansions He prepares, yes!! even for sinners like us! Ehre Sei Gott in der Hühre!

    Mick McClain