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International Lutheran Council welcomes 17 new church bodies into membership

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  1. Why wouldn’t the joining church bodies have been listed?

    1. Cheryl Magness says:

      Hello, Mr. Anderson. You can see the entire list of church bodies received into membership at the ILC website. The list was not included in the article for space reasons (this article also appeared in print).

      Here’s a link with more information.

      Thank you!

  2. Dimas Nichols says:

    I’m confused by the two statements in the early part of the article. One says the ILC represents 20 million Lutherans, and the other says that after the joining of 17 new Lutheran bodies total membership is now 7.15 million. Can you clarify?

    1. Cheryl Magness says:

      The first figure (of 20 million) refers to the number of Lutherans represented by everyone who was in attendance at the conference. Not everyone who attended the conference is a member of the ILC. The second figure represents the number of Lutherans in ILC member countries. I hope this helps. Thank you for the question!