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Lutheran Bible Translators and Mekane Yesus Seminary partner to teach translation

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  1. Ronald Leon Jones says:

    Please, please do this from Aramaic, the language that Jesus used to teach and preach.

  2. Chuck Brehmer says:

    What a blessing! Many will hear and believe.
    Thanks be to God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit!

    This announcement brings to mind my conversation with President J.O. Preus while walking from one venue to another at the Anaheim Convention. Out of our conversation came the agreement that LBT would serve as the translation arm in coordination with the international mission activities of the LCMS.
    I drafted a protocol agreement which was endorsed by Dr. Preus and to the best of my knowledge continues to this day.

    LBT. has taken the next step by this partnership. God’s continuing blessings to the LBT missionaries!
    Chuck Brehmer, Director of Ministries, LBT, 1976-80.