Year-end ‘Together as Synod’ gifts offer flexibility, cost-effectiveness

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  1. Mark Hofman says:

    The LCMS has received information that a self-directed, IRA qualified charitable distribution using a checkbook supplied by an eligible individual’s IRA trustee – in the form of a check written by the donor against an IRA account – must be cashed by the receiving nonprofit on or before December 31 to be counted towards the donor’s 2018 required minimum distribution (RMD). A check cashed by a nonprofit in January will NOT count toward the donor’s 2018 RMD, placing the donor at risk of a significant penalty.

    This information was received too late to include in the above article and other year-end giving information supplied by the LCMS and the LCMS Foundation.

    LCMS Mission Advancement and the LCMS Foundation advise those contemplating writing a check against an IRA account for charitable purposes to complete that IRA gift in time for the recipient charity (congregation, auxiliary, district, Synod, university, seminary, etc.) to cash the check before December 31. We also advise eligible donors to speak with their tax-preparer, attorney or financial advisor whenever a gift from an IRA is being considered, and to receive up-to-date information on the relevant tax and penalty implications. Additional information is available, at no cost to the donor, by contacting the LCMS Foundation.