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Synod monitoring coronavirus news; missionaries safe

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  1. Karen Berner says:

    I don’t think you understand the situation in Washington state. Right now (3/15/20) we have 568 confirmed cases of Covid 19 (cases tripled in 7 days) and almost 40 deaths in the Seattle area and Snohomish county. After just reading your flyer for planning, I think for those of us who have been asked by our Gov to limit gatherings espec. for those over 60 or with immune problems, (in our church in Snohomish, 90% of attending members are ages 60-90+) that you need to rethink your advice.
    Store shelves are emptying fast, all schools and univ cancelled for 6 weeks, severe shortages with long delays for testing supplies and shortage of medical protective supplies and lab equipment. This makes Drs reluctant to test, labs & hospitals are short on supplies; no hand sanitizer or alcohol, or masks are available anywhere! You really don’t understand the situation when you are making a flyer that says “continue to gather in worship”. We are at the epicenter of a pandemic! As Christians who love their neighbor, we should be staying home and taking extreme precautions with hygiene measures.
    Please update your message to reflect need for prayers and suggest emergency measures that congregations should take for fellow Lutherans in Washington state. Our Gov. has asked that people should always be 6 ft apart at any gathering and organizers are required to advertise to people over age 60 or with health issues that they should not attend. The Catholic Diocese has cancelled all Mass. We are wrestling as Lutheran leadership with decisions whether to continue or cancel services.
    Be safe. May God’s angels protect and watch over each of you.

    Karen Berner, age 80, Zion Lutheran Church Snohomish, WA