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LCMS President’s statement on the Equality Act

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  1. Charlotte Gebauer Koelling says:

    From the bottom of my heart, thank you for your clear yet gentle counsel as we struggle through this difficult issue and time in our nation. To be “confessional” sometimes requires us to speak out and witness. God guide us through this and guide legislators of conscience to act rightly and justly.

  2. Rev Robert B Appold says:

    Thanks for the notice to be shared with our people. I find this very helpful and think many members of our congregations will. It would be wise to notify senators to encourage the defeat of this bill

  3. Peter Liebfried says:

    May we quote you to our senators and Reps?

  4. Nancy Buchanan says:

    I didn’t think it was the place of the church to make comments of any kind about current legislation. Especially if you read the history of this which dates back to the Civil Rights Act of 1964. It won’t pass just like it hasn’t before, but this is inappropriate.

    1. Perry Davis says:

      While your opinion is valued, I cannot agree.
      In fact, the Church has a moral obligation to speak out upon topics which are contrary to the will of God.
      Perry Davis

    2. Gary Meyer says:

      Please Nancy let me know where in our constitution is your statement is made.

    3. Marilu Orozco-Peterson, M.D. says:

      I trust in Our Lord Jesus Christ, and that whatever the outcome, pass or fail, He will use this for our good. Nancy, we are called to speak out the Truth gently, bravely and courageously; I am a medical physician. I can assure you that from a scientific standpoint, there is no credible claim to Transgenderism. These are broken people suffering with great confusion, as we all are, due to our Sinful Natures, even imbedded in our blueprint of DNA. But even if there was a pinpoint gene, our Allegiance and Faith is firmly set in God’s Inerrant, Holy Scripture, not a incomplete, fluid, transient understanding of human nature. Do not doubt His Word; this is EVIL and our silence signals being complicit in a lie of the king of lies, satan. The sheep and the goats are being separated as we speak. Remember He will never forsake you! Your sister in His Love, Marilu Orozco-Peterson, M.D.

  5. Willie Carver says:

    I’m sorry, but everyone deserves equality. Jesus also made it clear that there was no male or female in God’s eyes, but you cite Genesis and ignore Christ himself. Christ fulfilled the law with love. You have written a pretty speech, but it’s about power–the mighty institutions versus the poorest and most downtrodden among us. If you would oppose the dignity of a trans woman, then you’re not moving in the spirit of what Jesus said. He said to love each other, not harm each other to maintain power.

    1. Nancy Buchanan says:

      Exactly right Mr Carver! I’m glad I’m not alone in these feelings. “Gays or Trannies need not apply”

    2. Dan Bratten says:

      Actually Rev. Harrison cited Matthew 19:4-6 which IS Jesus quoting Genesis.

  6. Tim says:

    Thank you for stating the Lutheran position on these matters of the so called “Equality Act.” It is by all definition an “Inequality Act.

    I pray that we the people will stand up for our God-given rights. That we will be willing to defend our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

  7. Kathleen Perez says:

    Why does your church continue to use the bible to hide behind when they continue to espouse bigotry and hate towards the LGBQT Community. You promulgate your hate while trying to appear compassionate and caring towards LGBTQ community
    Shame on you and your pseudo Christianity.
    You do not follow the teachings of Jesus Christ.

  8. Marquetta says:

    Well said, brother!

  9. Scott Ryan says:

    Well said, true and appropriate.

  10. Peter Hagen says:

    Maybe the words of Christ himself would benefit the hearers when he said ” Go, and sin no more.”

  11. Dale says:

    This posture is nonsense. Does anyone wonder why LCMS churches have so few LGBTQ members? How do we justify bigotry?

  12. Janet Terry says:

    “The church’s task is not political….” Yet I think that the church is duty bound to react to wrong. Can we, in light of the past year’s political climate, say nothing in response to actions endorsed by our government (some subtle, some not so subtle)? Isn’t response to that which is against what Christ taught, a part of the cost of discipleship?

  13. Jerry Mericle says:

    After reading the letter, I read the comments at the end. A few were, at the very least, disturbing. The US government is dividing communities, friends, and families for the sake of what the government believes is equality, their equality. This Equality Act is a great diversionary tactic; taking our eyes off the real truth. God help us and I pray He guides us through our lives.