The end of ‘comfortable’ Christianity

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  1. Kathleen Cole says:

    This is an excellent warning to the church in the US, and a call to prayer for our brothers and sisters in Finland.

  2. Christopher Laub says:

    I’m beginning to believe the “end-times” are upon us now. As I was just reading this article, I see that Canada has now fallen. The “Emergency Act” was passed by Parliament to stay indefinitly.

  3. Joanne Erlbacher says:

    Thank you thank you thank you for shaking up our comfortableness. I will share God’s Word and His love until my last breathe.

  4. Kirk Schott, O.D. says:

    Dr. Harrison may be more optimistic than I am. I would not be surprised to see these kinds of legal battles being fought before the next generation. Other than that, I agree wholeheartedly.

  5. Warren Zabell says:

    Are our Synod, Universities, and congregations trying to be too comfortable in our today’s culture?

  6. Paul Niksch says:

    You failed to call out the situation with the trans bishop of ELCA in N. CA.
    WE MUST STAND FOR the Word of God, AND CALL OUT those that don’t.
    To avoid speaking the truth in love is a sin of omission we will have to answer for.

  7. Nancy buck says:

    I am confused by the last line, so to speak. Are you in favor of false teaching about marriage and sexuality and are you in favor of female pastors? I was going to share the article until I read that.

    1. Eric Estes says:

      He said that the practice of female pastors and false teaching about sexuality marriage are unbiblical. He is lauding Bishop Pohjola for his faithfulness to the Scriptures. So no, President Harrison is not in favor of false teaching about sexuality, marriage, and female pastors. He upholds the LCMS’ teaching on these and all other Biblical doctrine.

  8. Nancy Buck says:

    Excellent encouragement

  9. Beverly Grimme says:

    So very true. We are the fortunate ones, whatever happens, because we know God is in control, ALWAYS!

  10. John J. Flanagan says:

    True believers can never find comfortable Christianity unless they have succumbed to worldliness in ways that have diminished their witness.

  11. Doug Hansen says:

    Coming late to this article, I can’t help but think of the German LC and how many Pastors and Bishops capitulated to the outrageous, overtly false and profoundly evil Aryan Paragraph to buy comfort during the Third Reich. “End times upon us”? Christ himself started the clock on the end times at his last appearance and the Great Commission, right? It’s a discomfiting thought, but it will get MUCH worse, imo, and all we can do in the meantime is what Our Lord told us at the deliverance of that Great Commission… teach, preach and confess our faith. He will take care of the rest. “Let not your hearts be troubled”….