The gift of life: A letter from President Harrison

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  1. Bravo President Harrison. God be praised for putting his words into your mouth.

  2. Steve Kukuk says:

    I praise the Lord for our church body’s steadfast support for the sanctify of all life, and especially the lives of the most vulnerable — the unborn. Thank you President Harrison for this message and for your continued leadership for this important issue.

  3. Amanda says:

    Why doesn’t the church stand up for the babies used in research?
    Why don’t their lives matter?

  4. PHOENIX57 GIDEON says:

    Thank you President Harrison for the Wise Words & Stance on this critically important issue…especially as regards our (God’s) Children…Christ Jesus loved the Children, and taught them well…and We must carry that Cross as He did, and not allow any beast to impede us in this effort…Stay Strong my Friend! God’s Peace, Grace, Mercy, Strength & Love to you today & Eternally,
    In Christ, C.L.GIDEON, Lt Col, USAF (retired)

  5. Ruby Prochnow says:

    So well spoken. Pastor Harrison. I am so thankful for the leader of our church (LCMS) has spoken in our stead.

  6. A great service that you do.

  7. James Quast says:

    Thankyou. I needed this encouragement so I could encourage someone who has found out their foster child has a severe disability. Praise God for you and your words. Speak life and treasure all life. We love the lepers of today because he first loved us. Adelaide Australia.