Peter Slayton

Social Media Manager

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Peter Slayton is the social media manager for the LCMS.

Livestream your church service today

You just learned that you need to start livestreaming your church services immediately. You have no budget, no equipment, no plan. But you have a smartphone. This tutorial will show you a quick, easy and cheap way to start livestreaming right away.

Loving your (internet) neighbor

Given that there are over two billion active users on Facebook alone, the question “who is my neighbor?” takes on a whole new dimension in a digital age.

Photo essay: A Confident Confession

Built upon decades of missionary work, new Togolese pastors preach and teach the Christian faith with confidence.

When Trolls Attack

By Peter Slayton One of the most discouraging things about social media is the existence of trolls. I’m not talking about your high school friend that disagrees with every single political article you post or your non-denominational cousin that takes…