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Missouri lawmaker, wife ask court for contraception exclusion

A family should have the same right as a small business to opt out of birth control coverage in its health care plan, a federal appeals court hears.

Wheaton College gets pass on contraception mandate

The Supreme Court offers a further sign that it favors letting employers with religious objections avoid the Obama administration’s so-called contraception mandate.

Supreme Court takes up Hobby Lobby’s challenge

On March 25, the Supreme Court explores the murky territory where an employer’s religious rights collide with the interests of its employees or the government.

Harrison talks Hobby Lobby, health care in ‘op-ed’

Synod President Rev. Dr. Matthew C. Harrison gives reasons why Americans need to discuss issues in the U.S. Supreme Court case against the Affordable Care Act.

Arizona, Kansas bills reflect fight over rights, liberty

The national debate over gay marriage morphs into a fight over the dividing line between religious liberty and anti-gay discrimination.

Disputes over birth control fuel Obamacare fight

Conception. Pregnancy. Abortion. Abortifacient. Those words today are in a rhetorical swamp where contesting religious, medical and political views muddy understanding.

LCMS signs HHS-related amicus brief

The brief relates to upcoming Supreme Court cases — involving Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Wood Specialties — that resulted from the Affordable Care Act and its Health and Human Services’ mandate.