lcms convention essays

Final essay: ‘Baptized for Life Together,’ in koinonia with Christ

In his July 24 essay, the Rev. Dr. Steven Mueller tells the assembly we are “called and equipped for life together, and by God’s grace, we can live it.”

Krey challenges delegates to be ‘Baptized for Mercy’

In his essay, the Rev. Ted Krey asks, who is your neighbor? Christ Jesus died and rose for you in the ultimate sacrifice of mercy, and through your Baptism the Spirit is now in you.

Bolay declares convention delegates are ‘all called to witness’

Despite the difficult circumstances in which the Liberian church leader found himself years ago, he said “Evil will never triumph over good. I am a witness to the goodness of God.”

Cwirla reminds convention delegates we are ‘Baptized for This Moment’

Baptism is salvation’s “now” and “for you” applied to you in your time and place, says Rev. William Cwirla in his “Baptized for this Moment” convention essay.