new jersey

Impact of Hurricane Ida continues days after landfall

In the days since the Category 4 storm made landfall and continued inland across the Southern and Eastern United States, it is estimated to have caused at least 65 deaths and more than $50 billion in damages.

Scattering seed on fields of battle — with catechisms, LSB

LCMS members and congregations give catechisms and hymnals to deployed service members.

New Jersey lawsuit seeks to ban Pledge of Allegiance

The American Humanist Association is suing a New Jersey school district for its recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance in public classrooms.

Conservatives vow suit over N.J. gay conversion law

Licensed therapists are banned from using conversion therapy to try to change a child’s sexual orientation from gay to straight under a bill signed Aug. 19 by New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

Lawsuit: Princeton Seminary, yeshiva shouldn’t get state funds

A lawsuit is filed June 24 in New Jersey to stop the state from giving more than $11 million in construction funds to a Christian seminary and a Jewish yeshiva.

Disastergram: Superstorm Sandy

In the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy, people all across our Synod are joining hands to touch hurting lives with Christ’s compassionate care. Urgent pleas for material, financial and spiritual resources are being met across the stricken Northeast.