Convention adopts substitute resolution on ecclesiastical supervision, hears Linnemann

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  1. Joseph Hughes says:

    Thank you president Paul for you leadership in this important question.

  2. Randy says:

    Resolution 12-07A completely derails the Koinonia Project by eliminating laity involvement in doctrinal discussions.

  3. Richard Peterson says:

    I thank the Lord for our Northwest District President Paul Linnemann. He is truly a gift from the Lord to the Church body.

  4. Rev. Thomas Wenndt says:

    While this does not address the main topic of this article, since this was also included in this article, I feel the need to address it.

    If I was a person on candidate status (and at one time, I was), disappointment would not even begin to summarize my feelings towards resolution 12-02A. Literally, it does nothing that isn’t already being done.

    The only good news for those on candidate status is that the synodical call situation has improved a bit overall, so that congregations may actually have a reason to look at a person on candidate status. Otherwise, a directive that was handed down by the 2013 convention on this topic would leave me wondering, “What in blazes has this group formed to study and make recommendations about this been doing the last three years??” It would not take three years, or even three months, to come up with a solution like this – I could’ve sloughed this off and written this up in the final five minutes if necessary.

    The candidate situation needed some real solutions – and in my opinion, still does. So what will happen now? It may now take another 1-2 conventions to realize that this resolution is not adequately dealing with the problem. Then another convention will identify the problem, recommend it be studied (by who knows who) until the next convention, and then undoubtedly, we’ll get another resolution like this.

    Men on candidate status – I pray for you – I empathize with you – now more than ever.