Free resources can help congregations celebrate 500th Reformation anniversary

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  1. Raymond Clarke says:

    Our church (Concordia L C, Wilmington, DE) would like to publish as much information as possible about the 500th anniversary.

    1. LCMS Church Information Center says:

      Thank you for your comment. We’ll be adding additional resources as they are ready so keep checking the website.

    2. You might be interested in my free online course “Luther and the West.” The course includes 36 lectures on Luther and his impact in biblical interpretation, freedom, and religion and politics, in addition to many texts, by Luther and others, available for free download. The course weblink is

      Thank you!

  2. Rev Michael Schmidt says:

    Will the Luther movie be released to general theaters, or is it only available through the special screening option?

  3. Rev Mark Koehler says:

    Will the TUG web platform arrange with movie theaters in Canada or is this service only available in the US?

    1. Randy Golter says:

      Yes, in Canada.