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Traveling abroad: Serving God’s people while staying safe

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  1. Mark Rychel says:

    I believe the article paints an unfair picture based a situation that rarely occurs in Haiti. You could paint the same picture of Ferguson Missouri several years ago. No matter where you go there are risks, I have been traveling multiple times per years for almost 10 years ito many locations in Haiti and have never felt unsafe. I did the best I could to find any information on missionaries that were hurt by the demonstrations. All the articles I found stated that there were travel delay.

    1. LCMS Church Information Center says:

      Thank you for your comment.

      You are absolutely correct that there are risks involved anywhere you go. We used the situation in Haiti to shine a light on being prepared before you venture into another country. The main point of the article is to heed the warnings and counsel of the various government sites that monitor safety and security for the sake of American Citizens across the globe. Additionally, making provision to obtain evacuation insurance and verifying with that provider that they will cover you or your team in a given situation is wise. The story points to a document, Know Before You Go, which provides a checklist of things to consider and do if you or your group are planning to do a mission trip in any foreign country. It’s all about being prepared and the advice was gathered from decades of experience by our Office of International Mission, LCMS missionaries and other organizations doing similar work across the globe.