Weedon retires as International Center chaplain

Comments (3)
  1. Rev. Craig Patterson says:

    Well done dear brother. Thank you for your service to the Church in this special role. Your love for and gifts in music and great knowledge and insight in God’s Word have blessed so many. May our Gracious God bless you in whatever comes next. Pastor Craig A. Patterson, Emeritus. P.S. We hold fond memories of your visit to Our Redeemer Lutheran in Honolulu in Oct. 2017

  2. Rev. Tom Wenndt says:

    A very special man that I got to know a lot better at the recently-concluded synodical convention in Tampa. A dear brother whose heart was rooted in the Scriptures and gave his all to share that heart in all he both wrote and did. I join in thanking him for his service, and pray for his future endeavors. I also pray that the synod is able to bring on someone with as much of a devoted and Scriptural heart as Pastor Weedon has.

  3. Lori Salvhus says:

    I was greatly blessed at Tampa by the prayers and services led by Pastor Weedon.