Youth Ministry wraps up multi-year research project on young-adult retention

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  1. Brian West says:

    It was refreshing to see that sound theology was important to them as well as wanting mentors. Hopefully the synod will remember that it is the Holy Spirit that guides all people into the church regardless of the business type marketing we present to this age group. Sound catechisis, combined with regular liturgy strengthens and teaches our theology and doctrine..something that young adults are hungry for.

  2. Gregory Kunkle says:

    Having joined and left a Missouri-Synod Lutheran Church in a college town of Texas with over 150,000 young adults at any given time and a constant influx of over 20,000 college kids every year, I can tell you the problem with retention…and it is not theology. It is the Worship. It is a hard balance to keep the staunch traditionalists happy as well as attracting younger and newer members to a congregation. This brings up another point of contention (in my opinion) about the worship/sermon dichotomy of a “contemporary” Lutheran service in the year 2018…but I digress. I think it is well known that Worship is intended to be an experience that brings the church together; sound catechisis combined with regular liturgy (as stated above by Brian West) is the foundation that holds the church together. But, can that be accomplished all in one service?….for a first time visitor?…someone unfamiliar with Lutheran theology?…Should it be? I do not think so. I am a young adult worship leader with 3 children and a wife by 26…hardly the profile of a typical young adult these days. But, I have seen too many people never come back to a Missouri Synod Lutheran church in a college town, not because of the theology.

  3. The focus group representation (“While both those actively attending and those not attending any church were invited to take part, only active attenders responded.”) limits the value of this research. The research we need is from those who formerly attended. I applaud the effort, but building programs based on Research among those who haven’t left will not help us retain millennials and reach new millennials with the good news of Jesus Christ.

  4. Alan Radloff says:

    I’m encouraged by the statements regarding sound theology! Reaching out to the younger generations is very important and is often lacking. We all should strive to listen to what they are asking and not approach them with the preconceived notion that we already know what they need and how we are going to deliver the information to them. We need to practice daily what our faith does for us and not just for an hour on Sunday. They want us to be real with them and practice what we preach. They are looking for structure and consistency from our leaders that they are not seeing in the world. Feed them and guide them.

  5. Renee says:

    LCMS needs more schools, including high school, at an affordable rate. A good Lutheran school goes a long way.