BOD advances new CUS governance model

Comments (2)
  1. Justin Walker says:

    ‘The universities would be free to leave the Synod, if they chose. Those that stay would be answerable, in working through their ecclesiastical accreditation with the CUE, to “LIMOS” — Lutheran Identity and Mission Outcome Standards — essentially a policy manual of expectations for, and procedures to ensure and further, the schools’ “effective preparation of church workers, thorough preparation of Lutheran laity for service and leadership in the church, and immersion of all students in a faithful and forthright Lutheran context and curriculum.”’

    Does this mean that not only can universities be free to leave the Synod, but they can be made to leave the Synod if they do not receive accreditation? Simply losing accreditation does not see sufficient if they choose to stay in the Synod.

  2. Rev. Michael Mueller says:

    I would like to understand why letting a CUS college or university would be beneficial for the and Synod. They help keep our retirement and health plans affordable, provide church worker programs, and bring vitality to our churches.