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Finnish Lutherans fully acquitted

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  1. DT says:

    Glory to God in the highest! Now, come what may in this fight, on this front, Onward! We Christians must never give up or be dissuaded, for our own souls and those of our fellow man are at stake. The Devil prowls about the Earth, seeking souls to devour, and is as active as ever trying to do so. We must do all that we can to deny those souls to him.

  2. Gerri Jacob says:

    Praise God for accepting His word without substituting human values.

  3. Laurie says:

    Praise God! May He continue to be with these fauthsuk pastors.

  4. Keith Jakle says:

    Praise God.. While this is a battle in the war raging in this sinful world. A victory for the Word of God is always cause for celebration. The Gospel continues to reach the people of Finland and the World!! Great article, Dr. Armbrust!

  5. Mathew Andersen says:

    While glad the charges were dismissed for the sake of free speech, I am disappointed in this article. I am a same sex attracted man in my 60s who decided on celibacy when I was 15. Over 45 years I have probably paid a higher price for the biblical view of marriage and sex than the vast majority of those celebrating this verdict. What disturbs me is that this booklet keeps being called “a biblical view of marriage and sexuality” by Christian leaders It is not. Although the booklet and the Bible agree that sex should be reserved for marriage and marriage is a relationship between a man and a woman, the basis on which this booklet builds its case, in spite of a few Bible quotes, is not biblical but rather a reflection of the freudian/darwinian view common in the eugenics movement of the early 20th century. A lot of the arguments are based on the theories of “reparative therapy” made popular by Moberly and Niccolosi in the 1990s which were, themselves, based on beliefs espoused by early psychology. This “therapy” did untold harm as many of us put tremendous resources into changing our orientation only to find such therapy did not really work – and in fact, when you think about it, the goal of such therapy was to exchange one lust for another (which is really a sick and non-biblical concept). Further, since such therapy sees homosexuality as being a “developmental disorder” and places the blame especially on parents. A huge impact of this therapy was the destruction of families as clients were let to blame their parents. Finally, as with so many discussions of homosexuality, the Gospel is all but missing, mentioned a coup0le of times in a kind of general way. Such overwhelming law and paucity of Gospel in so many discussion of homosexuality and gay marriage make despairing sinners of kids in their early to mid teens. I long ago gave up hope for finding friendship and belonging in the Church. I obey Christ because He is God but the actions of pastors and Christians have demonstrated for me that hope for friendship is merely disappointment. So, I am glad the verdict was acquittal for the sake of free speech but let’s not pretend that this booklet was biblical or Christian just because it has a thin veneer of bible quotes.