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Rebuilt seminary dedicated in Nagercoil, India

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  1. Sampson Jeyananth says:

    Praise be to Jesus.

    An important milestone in the IELC history this is the only project culminates in a planned way with perfection in our contemporary memory due to the leadership of Dr.Christu Das and his fellow colleagues. Equally significant is the belief the LCMS officials had in Christu Das while almost all projects were being ridden with corruption in IELC. We knew the struggle the CTS principal and other faculty member encountered from the locals who attempted to malign all the efforts of the principal. We believers of IELC request LCMS to take this particular project as a model and replicate this process in rest of the future LCMS interventions. We, confessional Lutherans from India remain thankful to American confessionals in general and LCMS leadership in particular for the generous support extended to Lutheran church in India.

  2. Thanks for your concern about IELC, LCMS is our Mother of IELC.