What is a Lutheran?

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  1. Rev. Michael Mueller, Emeritus says:

    Thank you President Harrison. This timely message reflects what I have espoused for many years to those who (middle of the West Texas Bible Belt), “are Lutherans Christian?” The Confessions set a standard of what “real” Lutherans are. It is unmistakable in its affirmations and rejections. I would commend all Lutheran churches to study it congregation-wide, at least every three years. Blessings to you in the tough calling God has placed on your life. We all benefit from your faithfulness.

  2. Chuck Gollnick says:

    Thank you, President Harrison.

  3. Rev. Thomas Chopp, BCC, Retired Certified Medical Chaplain in the Avera Health System says:

    During my pastorates, I would require all my confirmands memorize Luther’s Small Catechism. Guess what they did. Only one parent objected, but his son successively did it, Also they were publicly examined in front of our worshiping congregation on Examination Sunday. I compared learning the Catechism was like being in an Army’s boot camp, preparing to enter the spiritual battle with sin, death and the devil armed with God’s weapon, His Word as summarized in Luther’s Small Catechism.

  4. Wally Schiller says:

    So well put – if only we had such “spiritual statemanship” here in Australia, our Lutheran Church here would be in a better position.

  5. The Rev. Kent Tibben says:

    Thank you, President Harrison. I have a friend in Kentucky who has purchased a copy of The Lutheran Confessions and is interested in learning more about our synod’s Biblical confession and practice. It is precisely statements such as this one that has sparked and continues to spark his interest in our church body and her confession of faith. Thank you for a beautiful example of how doctrinal integrity doesn’t hinder, but serves, the mission of the Church.

  6. Shanna OConnor says:

    Thank you, Pastor Harrison, for your article titled “What is a Lutheran?” I was baptized and confirmed in the Missouri Synod, although I am now a member of the WELS. I left MS because I felt our local church was becoming too liberal in its beliefs. WELS has been a good fit for me. I am so happy to see that the Missouri Synod is standing up for Biblical truths instead of following modern trends that are leading people away from God. I also thank you for sharing the information about Thrivent. Before Thrivent existed, I was a member of AAL. It was much more conservative than Lutheran Brotherhood. I was not happy that the two groups merged, but they seemed to be a good financial organization. The things I knew about them indicated to me that they followed Christ’s teachings. I had not realized that they have begun to accept non Lutherans. I suppose that since they have become more of a financial group, not focused as much on religion, that was probably inevitable. However, their stand on the LGBT community has gone way too far! So much evil is being spread by people who support that group that Christians must stand up in love and let others know where the Lord stands on the subjects of sex and gender. I am going to ask Thrivent if they plan to continue following this trend or if they plan to turn away from these sinful ways and repent. If I do not see repentance and change than I am going to pull my investments out of their company. I pray that they acknowledge their sins and turn back to Christ! I also pray that the people who are being led astray by this movement that disguises itself as a humanitarian group wake up to its evils before it is too late! May they find the way back to the truth of scripture and the true love that is given us in Christ Jesus. Amen

  7. Janice Johnson says:

    Thank you, Dr. Harrison. This is what I know and be,i.e. E, and you set it down so well. I plan to print it because I have friends and acquaintances who see things done in the name of “Lutheran” that don’t match up with Bible teaching, and they ask, ” is this what you believe?”
    No, it is not and now I have a concise answer for them.

  8. Greg Kittle says:

    What a wonderful, and reassuring message.

  9. Fritz Norman says:

    I saved a PDF version of this article, to send it out to my fellow Council members at [church]. This deserves a reading followed by subsequent discussion at least in our Bible Study classes. It could be shared with the entire congregation.

  10. Michael Mann says:

    Very well put, President Harrison. Seems as though our current society/government has chosen to ignore God’s Law and rewrite it to suit their desires. I thank God that my pastor is a true & faithful teacher and servant of the Word.

  11. Elwyn Kempfert says:

    Just a couple of Thrivent clarifications…The official name of the company is still Thrivent Financial for Lutherans. Thrivent or Thrivent Financial is the name used for Marketing purposes as we sell to the whole Christian Commmunity. As a LCMS Member and TFL Financial Rep. I do have concerns with the TFL “pride” thing. Still TFL is encouraging Christians to live generously and I see this as a positive from TFL As for the general premise of your article “What is a Lutheran” that is spot on.

  12. David Kendall says:

    I Wonder if i should drop my life insurance with thrivent? since they are promoting support for Pride.. Its not normal for this agency to honour this
    thought Thrivent was LCMS based.

  13. Philip Wm Sawhill says:

    Thank you, President Harrison. The truth is appreciated. God’s continued blessings to you and the LCMS. We must always believe and know that God is in charge.