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In His image: Two sexes, one humanity

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  1. Absolutely beautifully written. God bless you for the continuing firm foundation in the Word, our Father and Christ.

  2. John Bandur says:

    Excellent article.

  3. HL says:

    This article suggests a misunderstanding of the term “toxic masculinity.” It was coined to describe a specific cultural ideal of masculinity that harms men. Toxic masculinity says that it’s not manly for men to express emotion (except anger), ask for help, show vulnerability, or do “girly” activities like cooking or taking care of kids. It doesn’t mean that masculinity is inherently toxic any more than the phrase “poisonous plants” means that plants are inherently poisonous.

  4. Richard C August says:

    Right on!

    This is why so many men are also going MGTOW.

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