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‘The righteous shall live by faith’: Planting a Lutheran church in Rome

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  1. Rev. Michael Mueller says:

    Even the devil is not safe in his lair. Luther thought the RC was satanic. The pure Gospel is proclaimed

  2. Frank says:

    I’m searching for a Lutheran church here in Tokyo Japan. So far the Lutheran churches I have come in contact with all celebrate and affirm the ordination of women among other extra-biblical practices.

    One particular church was a LCMS church plant from
    The 1970s, but they are now member led only and have joined the Lutheran communion there which is progressive.

    I hope LCMS will continue to plant and bring the gospel and the fullness of the Bible’s teaching to Asia, especially here in Japan.

    1. Dan McMiller says:

      Write to Dr. Daniel Jastrsm
      I believe he is in Tokyo.
      Pastor Dan McMiller

  3. Steven K Geilfuss says:

    I am praying for the success of this church.

  4. Karen Jo Weber says:

    What is the address for the Christus Victor Lutheran Church in Tome? We are headed trips Italy in June and are hoping to worship there. Thank you!

  5. Todd Beckett says:

    I’ll be visiting Rome in April. I’ve located the Baptist Church mentioned in the article (the one near the Pantheon) but I can’t find a time for the Lutheran Service. The church’s website doesn’t mention anything. Any info would be appreciated.

    1. Cheryl Magness says:

      Todd and Karen, we are working on getting an answer for you. Thank you, and please stay tuned.

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