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Juan de Frías, Lutheran martyr of Venezuela

This article is the second in a series observing Hispanic Heritage Month.

Views on grace

Denominations in Christianity understand “grace” in a variety of ways. See how the Scripture-based understanding Lutherans have of grace compares with others.

From throwing rocks to linking arms

As our common enemies grow in strength and hostility, we must stand firm with Catholics on the ground that we share.

Oct. 30 ‘Interdenominational Conversation’ to address tough Reformation questions

The Concordia University Chicago event will feature a panel with Cardinal Blase Cupich, left, of the Archdiocese of Chicago and Rev. Dr. Philip Ryken, right, of Wheaton College, as well as LCMS President Rev. Dr. Matthew Harrison.

Luther’s Catholic Reformation

The early Lutherans were also diligent to keep the traditional practices and ceremonies of the church, as long as these did not conflict with the Gospel of grace.

Poll: Only 50 percent of Italians call themselves Catholic

Of the 1,500 respondents, 13 percent define themselves as Christian, and 20 percent say they are atheist.

Commentary: Argentina’s ‘Dirty War’ survivors deserve access to Vatican archives

The announcement that Pope Francis has ordered the Vatican to open its archives from that era prompts hope for many.

Who won? Who lost? Five points on Vatican summit

The most significant and contested gathering of Roman Catholic bishops in the last 50 years has formally ended after three weeks of debate and dispute.

N.J. archbishop sets rules for Communion

Even as Pope Francis and Catholic leaders from around the world debate ways to make the Catholic Church more inclusive, Newark Archbishop John Myers gives his priests strict guidelines on Communion.

Analysis: Pope Francis reassures U.S., ‘I’m a Catholic, not a communist!’

People have all sorts of reasons to think “he’s communist or he’s not communist,” the pope says.

Pope calls for ‘revolution of tenderness’ in Cuba

Streams of hopefuls traveled overnight for a chance to see Pope Francis on his last day in Cuba.

Vatican backs plan to name Rome square for Martin Luther

Next month a hilltop square in Rome is due to be named “Piazza Martin Lutero,” in memory of Luther’s achievements.

Gay Scout leader rejected by Catholic parish

A Louisville, Ky., parish rejects the application of former Boy Scout leader Greg Bourke, who helped win the right of gays and lesbians to marry.

Catholic bishops: ‘Racism is an evil’ in society, church

The president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops kicks off a gathering of some 250 of the nation’s bishops by referring to Ferguson.

Jean Vanier wins Templeton Prize

Vanier is best known as the founder of L’Arche, a global network of communities where those with and without disabilities live side by side as equals.

San Francisco priest bars altar girls

The move sparks both criticism and praise amid a debate that the Catholic Church has become too “feminized.”