Concordia University System Chronicle – November 2014

The total fall 2014 enrollment headcount for the Concordia University System (CUS) colleges and universities is 36,250. That is an increase of 2,851 undergraduate and graduate students.

Pastoral Education – November 2014

Our two LCMS seminaries, Concordia Theological Seminary in Fort Wayne, Ind., and Concordia Seminary in St. Louis, begin the process of pastoral formation through their Master of Divinity (M.Div.) programs, the most typical route to the Office of the Holy Ministry.

Celebrating Church Workers – October 2014

The Lutheran Church−Missouri Synod celebrates the sometimes-unsung servants of the Church by giving thanks for all of our professional church workers who serve the people of God in body and soul.

Journal of Lutheran Mission: September 2014

The second issue of the journal features papers from confessional Lutheran church leaders who presented at the International Lutheran Council’s fifth world seminary conference. Both the conference and this issue of the journal focus on the theme “Suffering, Persecution and Martyrdom as a Mark of the Church.”

Concordia University System and LCMSU Campus Ministry – September 2014

At the institutions of the Concordia University System, students learn and grow in an environment that upholds our Lutheran teaching that every person has inherent worth by virtue of his or her Creator. CUS students learn to find genuine value in caring for their neighbors in Witness, Mercy, Life Together.

Youth and Education – August 2014

The LCMS, through its School Ministry and Youth Ministry, aims to help our young people grow in their faith as they age, not grow away from their faith.

Service Opportunities – July 2013

Jesus comes to serve you, and He does. He also has given you the gift of serving your neighbors — those people He has placed in your life. So, join us in receiving all that God has to give. Then turn right around in joyful service and love those in your midst. Thanks be to God, we know you can, and we pray you will.

Pastoral Education – June 2014

This issue of Pastoral Education highlights newly instituted changes in the Doctor of Ministry programs at both Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod (LCMS) seminaries. This a wonderful time for parish pastors to investigate the possibility of pursuing a D.Min. degree.

Great Expectations Newsletter – May 2014

In this issue from LCMS’ Office of National Mission, the importance of supporting those adult children who are raising their own children, and at the same time, parenting their elderly parents, is discussed. Some ways a congregation can minister to and help these individuals are outlined and explained.

Great Expectations Newsletter – April 2014

In this issue from LCMS’ Office of National Mission, the topic of helping versus enabling older adults in their spiritual lives is discussed. Some ways a congregation can handle the fine line between these two concepts — and, at the same time, equip older adults in a congregation to better care for themselves spiritually — are outlined and explained.

The Newsletter of The 72 – March 2014

In this issue from LCMS’ Witness & Outreach Ministry, you will read about the work that has been done and is currently being done through The 72 program. You are provided feedback from a few congregations who have worked with The 72 this past year. In addition, information about The 72 training module updates and upcoming training events for those new to The 72 program is provided.

Great Expectations Newsletter – March 2014

In this issue from LCMS’ Office of National Mission, how Americans view death, dying and other end-of-life issues is discussed. Some ways a congregation can help the seniors it serves address and be fully served by these end-of-life views they adopt for themselves are outlined and explained.

Great Expectations Newsletter – February 2014

In this issue from LCMS’ Office of National Mission, the need to care for those members of a congregation who are caregivers for older adults in the parish is discussed. Some of the ways a congregation can encourage these caregivers are then outlined and explained.

Great Expectations Newsletter – January 2014

In this issue from LCMS’ Office of National Mission, insight is provided into the growing perception of society that allowing older people to age in their homes makes sense. Some of the ways this trend impacts a congregation’s ministry to its elderly members are then outlined, along with possible questions a congregation can think about when addressing this issue.

Concordia University System Chronicle – February 2014

In this issue, information about Concordia Sunday, April 27, is shared. In addition, a brief summary of the new book Concordia on the Move, written by The Rev. Dr. David Zersen, is provided. These articles are just some of the great information contained in this February issue.

Pastoral Education – January 2014

In this issue, you are provided information about the Global Seminary Initiative (GSI) of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod (LCMS) and the positive impact this program has on its students and the world.